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If you need to reach your marketplace with speed and precision, leveraging our Google Ads service is the best choice you can make. Google Ads (formerly called Adwords) is Google’s PPC (pay-per-click) platform that allows advertisers to bid on keywords and win placements for those keywords on Google’s network.


When done right, Google Ads is one of the best and fastest ways to grow a business. Let’s list a few reasons why.


It’s faster than SEO. While SEO (search engine optimization) is awesome if you want organic traffic, it moves much slower than paid advertising. With an ad budget and a well-optimized campaign, you can gain traffic and leads almost instantly. You can target multiple keywords simultaneously, which will increase your results. You can turn the campaign on and off when needed, and you can make changes to your campaign very easily. It’s fast, convenient, and effective.


You can retarget old site visitors. Let’s say someone entered your site, stayed for five minutes, closed your site, and hasn’t returned since. With retargeting, you can reach those site visitors and draw them back in. This works through an invisible tracking pixel that’s placed on your site. Its purpose is to capture and record the actions of your visitors, and it will track your visitors even after they leave your site. This allows marketers to deploy advertising to those visitors, so that they can be reeled back to the site.


Easily measure your performance. Traditional advertising methods like newspapers, radio, television, billboards make it nearly impossible to track the success of your campaign. With Google Ads, you can know exactly how your campaign is performing in real-time. Within seconds, you can analyze how many people viewed your ad, the amount of clicks, how much traffic was generated to your website, and how much each lead is costing you. This allows you to intimately understand what works and what doesn’t.


If you’re a business that’s looking to gain the upper hand on your competition, expand your reach online, convert new customers, and retarget old site visitors, Google Ads is the platform to help you do it.


As a Long Beach Google Ads agency, we can generate as much targeted site traffic as you can handle.



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